5 Ultimate Health Tips From the Top Experts

The Ultimate Health Tips That Work!
These days there is simply so much “health” information thrown at us that we seriously can get confused. Whatever happened to a simplified fitness view that didn’t take a PhD to understand? From fitness to lifestyle to everything in-between, we got 5 of the biggest health experts in the world to give their ultimate health tips. You’ll definitely want to read this!

Ultimate Health Tips: Helping you get fit
Exercise, nutrition, lifestyle, mental health, and sleep – these are the 5 most important parts of your overall health that you should be conscious of… and not just one, but all of them.

There’s no point in being incredibly “cut” if you are so tired from lack of sleep that you can’t stay awake at work, right? That’s why it’s a combination of these practices that results in the ultimate healthy life.

That’s why I asked 5 of the biggest experts in the world to lend a hand and give us their thoughts on one of these respective subjects.

I didn’t want a book on each subject either, just a simplified, “quick hit” sort of response that can be quickly read and implemented about the MOST important aspects on the above subjects.

They didn’t disappoint – here’s our 5 ultimate health tips:

1. Exercise/Overall
by: Obi Obadike – World-renowned celebrity fitness expert.

A couple of things to stay healthy:
Try to eat and incorporate veggies and fruits in at least half of your daily meals. Do the best job you can to minimize your junk food intake to maybe 1 to 2 days a week. Minimize your alcohol and soda intake to the best of your ability.

Try to associate yourself around positive healthy people because their lifestyle health habits will rub off on you.

We as adults are very impressionable and can be easily influenced by people that have negative or positive lifestyle habits. So why not associate yourself with people that have positive lifestyle habits that can influence you to make consistent healthy lifestyle decisions?
2. Nutrition
Listen to your body. We say that so often that I think a lot of people lose sight of what it really means. To me, it means finding foods and a way of cooking and eating that work best for you.

Your body responds to everything you eat and gives you feedback on whether or not it’s working—IF you can slow down and pay attention to what it’s telling you.

Try doing it this way: When you change your diet or try a particular food, monitor how you look and feel 30 minutes later, 3 hours later, the next day, etc. If a particular diet or food doesn’t agree with you, you might start to bloat, feel sluggish or shaky, have trouble digesting (and eliminating), lose strength in the gym, and so on.

When you’ve found the right way of eating, you shouldn’t feel any of those things. You should feel the opposite. So just because you’ve read about a new diet trend or superfood that all the experts agree is the greatest thing to do, remember that your reaction to it might be quite different.

There is no catch-all that is BEST for everyone. It takes work on the part of the individual to find what works for them. Nutrition is a highly individual thing.

Stay mindful of what you’re doing and how your body speaks to you, and you’ll find the very best thing for you—and you alone.
3. Lifestyle
When it comes to Lifestyle, I am a firm believer that your highest level of health will be achieved as you get closer to your natural state of existence.

The food and drink that you ingest will take care of your body if they are as natural as possible. The exercises that you choose will make you stronger, more flexible, and increase overall mobility if they are designed to work with the natural physicality of your body.
4. Mental Health
Controlling stress is a key factor in mental well-being. Free your mind from stress by managing your resources – your health, energy, time, space, and money – within your personal limits. Eat nutritional foods and be consistent in exercise.

Get enough rest and pace yourself so that your energy is sustainable.

Avoid over-extending your commitments beyond what your schedule can handle.

Organize your personal space and keep it free of clutter. Always spend within your budget. Your mental outlook is as positive as the choices you make every day.
5. Sleep
Sleep is endlessly fascinating to scientists, probably because no one has yet been able to determine exactly what happens when we sleep. What we do know is that when you’re tired your cells don’t absorb glucose from your bloodstream as well as they should and your fatigue zaps your self-control.

Sleep allows your brain to consolidate the happenings of your day and replenish your reserves.

During sleep the cells in your body and brain rejuvenate and repair themselves. If you’re still not convinced that you need to change or improve your sleep habits, then review the benefits that healthy rest yields:

• Lose weight and curb hunger
• Strengthen your immune system health
• Reduce anxiety and depression
• Increase happiness and energy
It is all about listening to your body and what feels right. No one can tell you how many hours, only you can tell yourself what sleep cycle leaves you feeling energized.

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