5 Fashion Revolutionaries 0

Meet the women who created trends with their designs, and succeeded in expressing our feelings and giving us a place in the world. Let’s celebrate them on our day! Although there are many male and female stand-outs in the world of fashion, some of them deserve our eternal gratitude.

Dress to Impress Your Date With These Ideas 0

Make dating more fun with useful tips to make you feel a million dollars and glow with confidence when you’re out with your loved one Dress to impress with our date ideas What to wear on a date Even if you don’t have time or money to get out

What Is Candida? Understanding Yeast Imbalance 0

Candida is a type of fungus (or, more specifically–yeast) that can cause fungal infections like candidiasis, candidemia, and oral thrush.[1] Dozens of species of candida are known to affect humans and Candida albicans is the most common.[2, 3] When the immune system functions normally, Candida is kept in check

Summer Makeup Tips – Delicate Pastel Look For Summers 0

Playing with soft dreamy colours. Pastels are romantic and feminine and if you’ re wearing pastel colours this summer here are some fresh ways to play with them. How To Use Pastel Shades In Makeup: Pastel Eye Makeup: Discover the artist in you and don’ t be afraid of

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Yeast Infections 0

It’s hard to live in a living world without some living organisms taking residence on or inside of your body. It might not be the most pleasant idea, but everyone is carrying bugs of some sort. Harmful organisms in the intestines and bacteria in the gut are among the

Put Your Best Footwear Forward This Monsoon 0

Most people believe that once the monsoon arrives, out goes the fashionable footwear and in comes the boring one. But that is far from the truth. The general perception is that monsoon season brings an end to the fashion season. However, with the aid of a few simple fashion

Guide to Types of Heels & Footwear Fashion 0

Every woman needs the right pair of shoes. Heeled well, she can conquer the world. The clothes are just fine, and the hair and make-up are done. All that remains is the pair of stylish, quality shoes to add a new layer of glam to the ensemble. There are

Style At Your Finger Tips With DIY Nail Art 0

French manicures and pedicures are totally passé. Nail art is the IN thing to make your fingers and toes pretty as ever. Up the wow quotient of your nails with these quick do-it-yourself nail art ideas. Stunning nails make a great first impression. While many of us admire nail

5 Ultimate Health Tips From the Top Experts 0

The Ultimate Health Tips That Work! These days there is simply so much “health” information thrown at us that we seriously can get confused. Whatever happened to a simplified fitness view that didn’t take a PhD to understand? From fitness to lifestyle to everything in-between, we got 5 of

Perfect Health & Wellbeing 0

1. Grab a bag of dried Goji berries. The miracle berry has a huge number of health benefits such as defending the liver, improving eyesight, improving fertility, boosting the immune system and enhancing blood circulation. 2. If pain is holding you back, then learn how to eliminate it naturally